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Best Tattoo Locations For Guys

The main reason is because of the upward flexibility of designs. I wouldnt suggest a man to get a tattoo on his lower back or anywhere around his ankles since that can be slightly unmanly so to speak.

Surfing For The Latest Designs For Getting Your Body Inked Than You Are At The Right Place A Tattoo Is Chest Tattoo Men Tattoo Sleeve Men Best Sleeve Tattoos

If hes wearing a tank top youll get to see his ink and if he has short sleeves then parts of the tattoo will poke out.

Best tattoo locations for guys. The forearm tattoos allow you to get creative with designs and add multiple different shapes and patterns. From one joint to the next joint is a canvas. As for leg tattoos there are a few places where they can really shine.

Although these pieces can vary in size theyre usually best suited to the arm or chest somewhere where there is a lot of room to allow for detail. However tattoo artists are speculating that this will soon be one of the most common places to get a tattoo. Wolves have long been associated with loyalty companionship and family so its not surprising that theyre one of the most popular tattoo ideas for men.

The large area of the thigh makes for a good space for large and detailed tattoos. If you have well-toned shoulders and want to show them off getting a tattoo on this part of the body can be incredibly flattering. So for example your wrist to your elbow is a canvas.

The best place for girls to get a tattoo done is on the ankle wrist and lower back whereas boys. The fattier the tissue is the least painful place it becomes. You can choose to get a small tattoo that can go unnoticed or you can choose to get a design that starts at your ankle and continues up your leg.

The forearm is another popular location for manly tattoos especially for those making a glove-like tattoo pattern and are not too interested in a bicep or full sleeve tattoos. This is a classy place to get a tattoo for men. They can easily be covered if you want or a statement can be made if part of the tattoo is visible from underneath shorts.

I have a thing for shoulders and arms so tattoos there are really super hot especially sleeves. One of the hottest places for male tattoos is on their shoulders. With padding and privacy the butt is one of the easiest locations to tattoo and hide.

Stick to areas that work best for you to make the most of your art piece and to do justice to the work done on it. It is masculine and sexy and the back has enough space for you to fit your big tattoo ideas. Expect more pain if you have a tattoo on less fatty tissues and more son on the bony parts of your body.

Answer 1 of 5. He looks so good if only he didnt have that tattoo At the same time weve seen more than our share of people who wear their ink so well that not only is it impossible to imagine them without it but it serves to. Weve already listed out some possible locations like the inner wrist neck arm and hands but thats merely skirting the surface.

It is needed to discuss your preferred design with the tattoo artist too so that heshe can suggest the ideal place for the tattoo depending on its design. It will be easy to cover if you need to look more formal at work. If youre looking for a tattoo that represents your relationships with others in your life wolf tattoos are a great stylish option.

Leg tattoos are good for guys who want to show off their ink. Sometimes a tiny peek will make you swoon more than seeing the whole thing. Personally I think that placement plays a massive role in how good your tattoo is going to look.

Heres a more comprehensive list of possible male tattoo locations. I know so many guys who refuse to tattoo their legs that seeing someone with it done there is quite refreshing. The ankle has been a popular place that women get tattooed for quite some time.

Depending on your design you can place the tattoo between shoulder blades tattoo across the back tattoo across the shoulders or tattoo it in the middle of the back. Well unless youre naked or in a bathing suit this location is always hidden by your clothes. Weve all seen tattoos that make us groan and leave us saying.

Wrists This is a bold choice and for people who want the world to see their story or want a constant reminder of something. You know what they say–less is more. Now comes the task of deciding where to put it.

As Palomino says tattoos on the ankle sides of the feet the top of the foot and around the heel may require more touchups as they are exposed to constant rubbing from your shoes and socks. The 10 Most Common Places to Get a Tattoo No10 Neck No8 Chest No9 Breast No5 Armband No7 Arm No6 Back No2 Wrist No1 Lowerback No3 Foot No4 Ankle Inner Wrist Low on the pain scale A good place for smaller symbol tattoos or words Can be hidden easily Inner Arm There is a little cushion here so it wont hurt as much as other places Hard to hide unless you wear long sleeves Upper. The shoulder is a prime spot for tattoos especially among men who hit the punching bag on a regular basis.

I like leg pieces too. It can be in the middle across the back between shoulder blades or across the shoulders. Foot Tattoo top and bottom of foot The foot bottom is one place that your tattoos are perfectly hidden.

After much deliberation youve finally decided on the best tattoo for you. The problem lies in is if its a shitty tattoo. The upper thigh and calf are great for working professionals who want to be able to cover up a leg tattoo whereas drawings on your ankle will make a statement.

Think of your body as lots of smaller canvases. If you are working on the formal setup you can easily hide the tat. A coat of arms is used to honor your heritage and men who are proud of their roots will be drawn to a family crest tattoo.

The designs dictate where the tattoo will be.

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