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Colour Packer Tattoo Machine Setup

This machine should run very well as a color packer as long as the springs arent too stiff. Dont go bigger than a five mag for beginners.

The Bolt Tattoo Machine By Inkstar Is Setup As A 10 Wrap Packer

Liner Shader Color packer tattoo machines – YouTube.

Colour packer tattoo machine setup. Since black ink is typically thinner than most color pigment you may not need this wide of a gap. Bad hand gesture can also throw a wrench in your tattooing. If you are going to be setting up a tattoo machine for use on a client it is very important to keep the instrument sterile so wear rubber gloves during the entire process.

This piece weighs in at less than 6 oz 170 grams which is very light for a coil machine but it still packs a punch with its compact Inkstar coils. Clean out the tube between colors by running the machine under hot water until the machine basically washes itself clean. Accurately shift between your preferred positions.

10 Wrap Coils Setup as a color packer. Adjust your power supply so that your machine is running rather softly. How to tune color packer and shader.

The Packer Wand has a smooth mat. If your going to be a serious artist you should never leave home without at least 5-6 machines. This is a brand new Inkstar machine for 2015 is our 3rd generation design.

Its really important to find the right flow rythm and speed to keep from damaging the skin and still fully saturate the ink but with a machine set up like this it makes the job much easier. Be sure to run the needles across a tissue in reverse motion to remove all excess water from the tube tip Never do this in a forward motion because it will pick up pieces of paper tissue between the needles. This tattoo machines is known for its high power working at very low.

A good trick to ensure you have a good solid coverage is to apply water to the skin. On offer here is ONE solid brass machine of your choice ie LINER SOFT CUTBACK SHADER or COLOUR PACKER SHADER all you have to do is let me know which machine you want or if you have any specific requirements or modifications in mind let. Intended for colour realism and both modern and traditional colour packing.

Great Savings Free Delivery Collection on many items Tattoo Machine Packer for sale eBay. A color packer needs to be running slow and soft. Choose from our huge range of new and innovative tattoo machines or opt for the more traditional choice in our trusted coil tattoo machines.

The Bishop Packer Wand machine boasts a brushless Faulhaber motor with custom winding made specifically to provide more torque and speed. If you get to that point back the contact screw off untill it starts sounding normal again. However you have to rely a little more on the.

I have one machine with a wider heavier A Bar for a colour packer but generally I use the same set up as I would for a shader and adjust the spring tension if necessary to for a slightly harder hit. HAND CRAFTED SOLID CZ121 BRASS FRAMED TATTOO MACHINE UK. In a long stroke the needles spend more time in the tube than a short stroke so its great for color packing and solid black because the needles tends to stay saturated with ink more and so you get a little better ink flow and longer passes with one dip the shorter stroke has a trade off being smoother and consistent with black and grey and smooth blends.

About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy Safety How YouTube works Test new features 2021 Google LLC. CNC Cut Iron and hand carved frame each machine is a unique piece 10 wraps short coils wrapped with copper wire OFC on bakelite spools it means they work in a very low voltage and never get hot at all each machine are setup and tested for optimal increased voltage we use silver contact screw for the conductivity. With the circles you should get as close to the lining as possible then fill in and smooth out the edge like you were doing the outline.

The tattoo machine is the tattooists most important piece of equipment and so we have made a special effort to supply something for everyone. It has a fixed 42mm stroke and a recommended working voltage of 7v 9v. Set the contact point gap at about a nickels width for shading a dimes width for lining.

Same spring setup as the shader just instead of as fast as. Operating on the same frequency range as the Sol Luna but with a 4mm stroke length it remains powerful but gentle on the skin meaning you can switch between the machines techniques easily and work for longer whilst causing less trauma. The colour packer and liner of the two the Sol Terra is THE machine for crisp saturated lines and unreal colour packing.

Liner Shader and Colour Packer. Buy Tattoo Machine Packer and get the best deals at the lowest prices on eBay. If playback doesnt begin shortly try restarting your device.

Put on a pair of rubber gloves. Arrow 1 points to the armature bar arrow 2 points to the contact screw 3 points to the front spring the angled piece of metal that shoots up from the armature bar and arrow 4 points to the thumbscrew that tightens the contact screw. Up next in 8.

The tattoo machine will bog down a bit. My color packer runs as at a bout 5 to 55 and packs the shit out of color and black. The Bolt tattoo machine by Inkstar is setup as a 10 wrap packer.

But definitely plan for at least a third machine in your near future. Take your time and smooth the outside edge as you fill in. But when you remove your thumb it will instantly resume its steady buzzing noise.

Setting Up the Machine. These brass machines are definitely for those who prefer a heavier machine. Remove the needle from the blister pack and grip the circular end firmly with one hand.

Run the tattoo machine for shading slightly slower. If the tattoo machine bogs down and will not restart after pressing down on the foot pedal chances are a contact screw needs to be buffed a bit or you need to adjust your power setting just a bit. I typically run about a 4mm gap or two nickels on my color machines.

Switch to the ultra-hard setting for lining then flip over to soft for shading and anything in between. Everybody will have their preferences and so anything you here on volts gaps springs etc is only a guide line or starting point from which you can tune your machine. I normally run my colour packer anywhere from 10 to 115 volts when colour packing but on her even 12v just does not get the colour solid.

Color packer- slow and steady. I have the long stroke for colour packing 35 and I usually set the needle about 5 back into the tube and for grey shading I use my standard stroke with the needle almost flush. If your doing a lot of black grey and smooth blended colors then just layer your colors in with your shader until you can get a third machine.

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