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Difference Between Flat And Magnum Tattoo Needles

The main difference between the Sublime magnum cartridges and the original KWADRON magnum cartridges is a new system that allows the needle to glide flat against the base of the tip meaning the needles will not twist or bend during tattooing. Tightly packed liners are used for making super-fine lines.

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Magnum needles are most artists first choice for shading work.

Difference between flat and magnum tattoo needles. Magnum needles are ideal for big tattoo area color filling. Flat needles are used for geometric tattoo designs bold lines and shading. Regular or standard magnum needles are staggered but have a bit of spacing in between the needles.

These will go with a corresponding round tube. RS needles can be used for some special lines or small color filling. Flats are used for areas with geometric shapes and shading.

Flat shader needles are pins that are soldered in a straight line on the needle bar. 100 control of the needle modules. Mags use FT or Flat Tips.

These needles are used for lining because their shape lets them deliver more ink to the skin. Moreover what tattoo needle is best for outlining. These sets have a longer taper thats either the same or greater than the taper found on round shaders.

Form a round tip that is loose. The needles are put on top of each other and weave. Instead of F is flat.

A Flat tattoo needle is a single horizontal row of any number of needles. 10 Related Question Answers Found. RL Round Liner for lining and outlining.

Liners and shaders are the main categories of needles. The sets have a taper of. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators.

Very similar to the magnum but the only difference is these needles have a slight curve to the needles. Flats are one line of needles and mags are two lines of needles but off set its a bit hard to explain but flats are not very often used where as mags are used by most tattoo artists there is different types of mags as well you can get curved mags which are better for shading it can all get a bit confusing i think i have got a diagram some where showing all of the needle groupings i will try and find it. 10013 No reproduction of any or all contents without written permission.

Think flat paintbrush- Some people think that these can be used for lining WE DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS as you can easily slice someone open. Tattoo needle groups usually consist of 3 5 7 or more needles. Within these categories the configurations of needle groups are given names like round flat stack and magnum.

Standerd needles – 13m1 13m2 13rm 13flat Tattoo machine – stigma hyper v3 Power supply – atom critical Tip tube grips mazic tape heal it a. UNIMAXPIPELINECOM 212 925-10511-800-9-UNIMAX Fax. The only difference is preference and like stated open tubes are easier to clean.

The same idea but tighter. Flat needles shaders are arranged in a straight line and can be used to shade in geometric areas like trash-polka-style tattoos. Magnum needles are the go-to for almost all shading work.

A Magnum tattoo needle is a single row of an odd number of needles the tail soldered together so that each even number needle for example the 2nd 4th 6th etc can be bent. Type of Tattoo Needles There are several different types of tattoo needles each used for a different effect. This results in a significant improvement in precision.

Flat needles are a straight row of needles soldered to the bar and the needles have a short tapir. So what tattoo needles do what. Generally speaking RL needles are used for lining.

RS Round Shader for shading. M2 is stacked mag. UNIMAX SUPPLY CO INC 269 Canal St NY NY.

The smallest Flat is a 3 Needle Flat and the largest in commercial production by Unimax is a 49 needle single row Flat. The difference between a weaved mag and a stacked mag is that a mag is soldered with all of the needles flat then using a single edge razor every other one in lifted then re soldered onto place. Weaved Magnum tattoo needle.

Between 45 and 60. Entire Contents Copyright 2005. This means clearer darker lines with just one stroke.

Theyre best for light shading and color graduations. Round liners and round shaders are pretty straightforward they line and they shade. Weaved magnums are used for shading blending and coloring large areas.

M1 is weaved mag. These will go with a corresponding flat tube. Can be a curved shader which is a bit gentler on the skin.

Also like round needles flat needles use their twin-sized tubes so a 7FL needle will use a 7F tube. Larger flat needles can be used for colour fills and shading as they deliver more ink quickly with just one pass. What Tattoo Needles do What.

What is a Magnum tattoo needle. Form a line formation that is used for geometric shapes shading etc. Its the same as M1 but the end is curved.

RS or round shader are used for shading. RL or round liner needles are used for lining. Safety Cartridges – The safest tattoo needles in different configurations.

Flat magnum shaders contain two rows of needles with the top row having fewer needles than the bottom row. Flat Tattoo NeedlesWhen the needles are stacked in a straight line they are called flat needlesThey are perfect for outlining and they deliver clearer more defined lines in a single stroke. The formation is used for shading and coloring.

49MC 49 Needle Curved Magnum E-Mail. This allows the tattoo artist to provide shading without the effects of lines in the tattoo that often occurs with single-row flat shaders. Then we get to the interesting stuff – flats magnums and turbo needles.

Patented safety membrane prevents blood from entering the grip and the associated cross-contamination. MS Magnum Shader are for shading in large areas. A stacked mag is where two rows are soldered then the rows are soldered one on top of the other.

A Double stacked needle will still have the staggered rows of needles but will have a more tight clustering of needles. 7F is one line of 7 needles. RM is round mag or curved mag.

Change needle configurations in a matter of seconds. What angle do you tattoo at. F Flat these are for shading within geometric designs.

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